Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 13 Released!

Here’s the last episode of Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. ;.;


The batch will be release next year. Some signs will be reworked, some new signs added, karaoke will be modified a bit also.

I would like to thank all the people who worked on this show, also apologize to those (working with me can be stressful ^^; ) and thank Doki which were nice enough to provide us .ts’ when our raw provider failed. ^^

A special thanks goes to Comfun who uploads every fansub releases on usenet. And one last very big thanks goes to you, our community who supported us on this show. ^^

So what’s next? Well, good news, the Ano Natsu BD batch will be released soon, probably before New Year. As for our plans for the season, well, that’ll be a surprise. ^^



8 Responses to “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 13 Released!”

  1. Hassy Says:

    I didn’t even notice that you guys are doing this show

  2. grew Says:

    so k-on will be done soon?

  3. Riku Says:

    Hi guys, glad to see you’re working on Ano Natsu BD’s, but is their any progress on Haganai BD’s ?

    There’s a progress on that one too. Last I heard it was at TS stage for the BD ep12 new signs.

  4. grew Says:

    why not grab coalgirl’s Haganai?

  5. Switches Says:

    Len, one more week and I’m out of the god dammed hospital. Until then, get a translator to finish my 1/3 finished episode, or send me a 100mb raw through email (which I’m still waiting for). Irc is incredibly unstable with the Internet I’m using at the moment. Plz forgive me, many thanks Len, and give my regards to Kristen as well. On a side note, happy new years eve!

  6. waqasj Says:

    Will you be doing Blu-ray of Tonari…..?

    We would have to buy them since no one uploaded the BD ISOs. So unless they’re people here willing to donate us money in order to buy those, I doubt it. >.<

  7. . Says:

    Umm… Batch soon?

    Soon, nor. It’s done at a My Space speed.
    The good news is, since we went full softsub, everything can/will be patched. So you won’t have to re-download everything.

  8. Comfun Says:

    np you’re welcome.
    thanks you for doing good releases for us :)

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