Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun 11 Released!

Me when I hear that someone hasn’t done his work on time.



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  1. Fanofde4ever Says:

    I was only 4 hours later than usual (minus the day delay for lack of a WR). Don’t be angry with me Lenmaer. :(

  2. Noven18 Says:

    My edits are always on time so I have never had to experience your wrath. And from the looks of that picture, I hope it stays that way.

  3. dreamer2908 Says:


  4. Denden Says:

    thanks :)

  5. Ryu Says:

    Thank you

  6. BBB Says:

    love <3

  7. shinji Says:

    I’d rather work AS compared to mana-chii

  8. Rokudaime Says:

    Wow, scary! :o

    Lol, you haven’t seen my mini guillotine yet. ^^

  9. kuroro Says:

    your sub is good, but the filesize for 720p, kinda like 1080p :(

    fake grain and lots of details, that’s why it’s bigger than other shows.

  10. Switches Says:

    Hi. Turns out I will be in hospital for like 2 weeks at max. So short story, no Precure for this week. Can’t be helped, I’m back being hospitalized again. Say my regards to Kristen. I’m really sorry. I will try to get weekend pass so I can finish an episode at least.

  11. grew Says:

    what you do to get hospitalized?

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