Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Madoka 11 Released!

It’s really nice to know people who work at Shaft. Leaked release is Go!

Using Doki’s tracker for a bit due to :issues:.

720p: Kyubei~

480p: Later due to encoding issues.

80 Responses to “Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Madoka 11 Released!”

  1. E.J. Says:

    THANK YOU!!! X)

    You are the best.

  2. blargh Says:

    More like using Doki’s tracker because Nyaa would cull it, eh?

  3. Silencers Says:

    Nice try.

  4. Zaggy Says:

    April 1st troll ?

  5. anon Says:

    this is obviously an april fools joke, as this release is way to fast for chihiro.

  6. random Says:



  7. anon Says:

    of course not that would be way to obvious, and they couldn’t get as many people.

    We got 11+12′s raws a week and a half ago from out friend, how is this not normal speed?

  8. Black_Raven Says:

    obvious troll is obvious

  9. anonymous Says:

    april 1st huh

  10. ghaohga Says:


  11. DmonHiro Says:

    Oh come one… who falls for that?

    This is real, the date is Mar 31 in the USA

  12. SunnyJ Says:

    Lol troll was lol!

  13. nope Says:

    Not even effective.

  14. Neo Says:

    lol nice try ;)

  15. Havoc10K Says:

    stupid calendar that I didn’t check, I fell for it, good prank Chihiro :)

  16. Anon Says:


    This episode is filled with lots of awesome action and has lots of sharp scene cuts, both of these drove up the bitrate immensely

  17. e-I Says:

    An April Fool’s joke…on March 31st?

  18. AnimaticallyInsane Says:

    Am I Missing an eyebrow…or in this case a release?

  19. aaa Says:

    THIS IS REAL, you guys missed out

  20. Sv Says:

    only 12ep waiting for the batch

  21. sagrado_corazon Says:



  22. anon Says:

    damn you chihiro

  23. gamma Says:

    Good episode. Thank you for the release.

  24. DragoZERO Says:

    It’s a good try… but this is not something to joke about.

  25. gamma Says:

    DragoZERO: Must have bad codecs or something.

  26. diane Says:
  27. corocoro Says:

    Second Madoka 11 release I saw today. :p
    Nice CRC44 though. :D

  28. nico Says:

    just finish watching it, best ep ever. can’t wait for next one.

  29. Layfon Says:

    Read this post guys

  30. Zandouf Says:

    Only an idiot will fall for this, come on it’s pretty obvious!!

  31. MSOSB Says:

    saw my calendar. downloading anyway.

  32. Chihiro_fan Says:

    Didn’t fall for this. Chihiro is too slow to be the first to release madoka.

  33. Spincast Says:

    ya had me, when i saw on my rss feed ‘madoka 11′ yumped of joy. then remembered what date it is.

  34. QB Says:

    i don’t understand you humans, why care so much about one anime episode?
    anyway i managed to get contract with a lot of girls i am one step to complete my mission
    even maria from hayate no gotoku

    but anyway if you really want episode 11 just make contract with me /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  35. Noone Says:

    Downloading anyway, must be good for 619MB.

  36. Anon Says:

    Damn, that ep was EPic. This isn’t a joke, guys.

  37. J3N0V4 Says:

    I’m so skeptical I’m trying it anyway

  38. Crapman Says:

    Hey, anyone downloaded this?
    I want to know what video this is but I’m too lazy to dl it=/

  39. Emmaa Says:

    It’s an episode of some stupid anime called LilPri! -.-;
    You guys suck! It wasn’t a funny joke. T^T~ I was so excited for Madoka 11. :(

    Yes, Lilpri is stupid. Now tell that to Kristen who just made us waste a year of our lives subbing it. -3-

  40. yoyo Says:


    For releasing an episode early?

  41. QB Says:

    i guess it can’t be helped madoka didn’t wanted to be a mahou shoujo but
    i managed to find another girl here is the new series
    everyone can be a mahou shoujo any time /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  42. John Says:

    Well, at least the last minute of it was Madoka…

  43. pcj Says:

    >> An April Fool’s joke…on March 31st?

    It’s been April 1 in Japan for 12 or 14 hours now. :)

  44. Jay Says:

    Well since you said in an earlier post that there would be no Madoka this week this is and obvious troll.
    inb4 I get flamed for pointing out the obvious.

  45. fallenanvil Says:

    HAHAHA got my hopes up, but this is a good one.

  46. Ramen Mk-II Says:

    it’s obviously April fools, but i’m downloading it anyway, want to see your version on “April Fools”

  47. ronelm2000 Says:

    Lol what Lilpri ep was that…? =P

  48. Incandescent Says:

    The best part is I started the DL and emailed the link to my friend before heading off to work, so I probably got someone else with this. I’m gonna claim I knew. It’s plausible.

  49. yui000 Says:


  50. D_P Says:

    To the one who said that Lilpri is stupid, “I AM MAD”

  51. Pulsewave Says:

    HAHAHA! that was a good one lol. You’re such a troll lmao.

  52. KJacket Says:

    over 3k ppl have been trolled. Good job Chihiro, this was your fastest release in a long time LOL.

  53. Mark Says:

    Obviously the torrent is for a 1080p FLAC 9.2 Surround Sound Fr/Jp/Sp/En Quad Audio Loss-less Blu Ray rip of MORNING RESCUE

  54. Anonymous Says:

    Funny but I do wish you guys had done it a different way instead of wasting people’s bandwidth..,

  55. Anon Says:

    that was one epic episode, thanks Chihiro!

  56. Holo Says:

    619MiB 453 234 3,438

    i loled

  57. Holo Says:

    AnimeTake got trolled too, for a while anyway…

    “Koga linked here saying, “Download Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Episode 11 in …”

  58. TheLaughingMan Says:

    Meanie. How can you break our heart?

  59. CuteLittleFanboy Says:

    U got me trolled, nice one :D

  60. Anon Says:

    Lilpri, Lilpri, gotta get down on…wait :x

    You, sir, are win.

  61. Dz Says:

    You wasted my bandwidth.
    it’s not fun, you all should be banned for doing such a cruel things.
    You all should know that broadcast date of Magika 11 is not even yet fixed.
    You make fool of decent people….noobs.

    >Implying one can ban themselves from their own website

  62. Madn.a.c.c. Says:

    Yeah, right, ban those people who you want your animes from from their own website, that totally makes sense O.o
    And if you know that the broadcast day isn’t fixed, why do YOU waste YOUR bandwidth downloading this ?

  63. Rokudaime Hokage Says:

    Why don’t you whiners (the ones this applies to) get yourself a Broadband Connection that does NOT have a bandwith limit!, instead of bitching about a perfectly good april’s fool!? -_- Bunch of morons.

  64. Akashic Says:


    I just have one question for everyone who got trolled.

    U MAD?

  65. Boo Says:

    Don’t get mad, just pass the link onto someone else.

  66. yui000 Says:

    Actually, May be the last EP. of the anime had content like the destroyed town or something relate to Japan disasters cause the anime airing suspend.

    Let pray for japan.

  67. NEKO Says:


    I REALLY love April fools and I REALLY think this sort of shit is amazing.

  68. Hamtaro Ham Ham Says:

    WOW!!!! I AM SO ABNOCTIOUS!! RIGHT NOW!!! Lol it was a good april fools joke though

  69. ashi Says:

    Best episode of Madoka yet. Thanks!

  70. QB Says:

    so i made a game for the other incubators learn how the things works i hope they can learn and make more mahou shoujos /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  71. Shadow Says:

    LOL!! I got 40270 on my first go. :)

  72. Maye Says:

    I thought you actually did in what’s in the screenshot.

  73. Shadow Says:

    Woot!! 109,831

  74. ugh Says:

    it’s 4/2 in most other places as i saw this. next time at least make the file size smaller

  75. NEKO Says:

    Did someone change my comment? you ass holes. and I still think was a lame April fools days joke

  76. Analytical Chemist Says:

    I lol’d real hard at the smart puns. You guys/gals really have a knack for making things sound dirty )

  77. gamesfreak26 Says:

    I laughed so hard. :D

  78. haku2008 Says:

    Nice episode but I don’t know why did they change the characters

  79. chieftain20 Says:

    Lol 43,179 on my first try :P

  80. Red Says:

    Broadband Connection with no bandwidth limit doesn’t exist in this part of the world! Unless you wanna pay an extra 15+ cents for every megabyte you download after the initial allowance…

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