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Donation Drive

Hi. We need moniez to keep our servers running. Please leave a message if you’re willing to donate. In the e-mail field, put your real e-mail so that we can contact you. Blame paypal for the roundabout way we have to go about it.

Current Projects

All BD/DVDs, backlogs and specials are now officially stalled because

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Please remember the lives of the thousands of turkeys slaughtered this year for a day of engorgement and waste. Prevent this tragedy in the future. Don’t eat the Turkey.

Recruitment Drive

We’re looking for new people to join our staff.

Happy Birthday Chihiro!

Today we celebrate our 5th anniversary! Happy Birthday!

New Project Announcement – Love Live!

Hello! I’m back, and just in time to announce our first project for the spring season – Love Live! We have decided to do this in join with Commie-subs. Please visit them at! Staff will be as follows: TL – Crunchyroll Edit/QC/Timing Fixes – Kristen Karaoke/Encode – herkz Hope you enjoy it! Edit 04/01: […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving to those who live in the states. And reminding you that millions of turkeys die each year for this holiday! Don’t support the cause. Eat a ham instead!

Ketsuekigata-kun! 01 Released!

Hello world! First blog post by me \o Torrent DDL Note: re-download the torrent, because someone messed up the previous upload.