Sekirei ~Loli Hen~ 09 Released!

3 episodes to go, unless for whatever reason the BDs are lying and it is 13 episodes long.

Kuzu edit: BDs aren’t lying; it’s just you confused the number 7 with 6.

DDL: Lol!

720p: Loli!

480p: Lolis!

7 Responses to “Sekirei ~Loli Hen~ 09 Released!”

  1. Geese1 Says:

    Thanks for this release!

  2. David Says:

    Eventually minato’s harem may have to fight each other to the death. Get ready for it.

  3. Tow3r Says:

    yay harem orgy ^_^ lol…

  4. motz Says:

    Thanks for this release!

  5. James Says:

    What no Sekirei 00? lol

    J/K I know you guys are swamped

  6. Nojiko Says:

    ty for the release… waited for this one…

  7. XP105 Says:

    Sekirei is 13 episodes long.

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